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2nd December 2009


No matter how much the workers try to keep things looking neat and tidy, a woodworking shop never quite looks as clean as a 5-star hotel simply. The very nature of the job makes this impossible and not the least of which is sawdust, whose particles are so tiny that you only see them when they start to accumulate in piles.

All in all, a woodworking shop is a dusty place and dust poses a danger for the electrical system.


Extreme care

It goes without saying that an electrical system must be designed with extreme care not only because of the presence of dust but also due to the risk of impact and the environmental conditions.

An electrical system must comply with a multitude of regulations, including all sections of the CEI 64-8.

Particularly dusty environments require an IP6X protection rating and compliance with CEI 75-9 (Classification of environmental conditions) and CEI 75-10, which defines the environments based on eight classes of dustiness.


Consider also EN 60529 Degrees of protection for enclosures (IP Code)

Impact resistance must also be taken into consideration as specified by EN 62262 IK Code


But this is not all,
because standards CEI 20-67 Guide for using 0.6/1 kV cables, and specifications and test requirements for cable insulation and sheathing materials, plus all the standards for electrical box enclosures must also be referenced, must also be taken into account.



Equipment safety

Last but not least, a woodworking shop uses many portable tools such as drills, electric planers, tenoners and mortise machines so consideration must also be given to outlet safety.

This is where good quality manufacturers such as Scame come into play by offering a complete range of suitable industrial plugs and sockets that not only guarantee maximum safety but also meet all needs because not only does a woodworking shop produce veneers, plywood, sandwich board, chipboard, etc., but it then paints and varnishes them with all the attendant dangers involved for the electrical system.


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