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14th December 2009

Safety socket!

“Today there is something new in the sun”.
The poet then continues to say “in fact, something ancient”.

Well, that is not exactly true in our case:
we could continue the line with
“in fact,
something else, very modern,
just as safe, and attractive”.

What on earth are we talking about?
Let’s start from the beginning.

Interlocked socket for domestic use


We all know that safety is the most fundamental element in any installation in the industrial universe, and we need to prevent dust and liquids from entering electrical sockets where they can pose a serious danger.


An adequate IP rating

An adequate IP protection rating is extremely important for any industrial installation, so why aren’t there products that are equally safe for use in the services sector, public environments, businesses, small workshops, construction sites, etc., where there are tools that are equipped with standard household plugs and used by people who are not electrical experts and so are less inclined to think about the risks they are running?

Sockets in these environments are certainly not immune to collecting dust or being splashed with water.

Say no more, because Scame has in fact come up with something new – the OmniaPlus, which is a very special socket.

What makes the socket so special is the IP56 rating, which means that it is dustproof, peopleproof and waterproof (including against ocean waves) even when used with household plugs.


The safety features

The main safety feature is the hermetically-sealed socket cover, but the outlet can also withstand chemicals, saline solutions, acids, alkalis, mineral oils and UV rays.

It comes in a variety of versions ranging from those without protection to those with a safety fuse, magnetothermal and differential protection.

It can be installed on the wall or flush-mounted.

The see-through polycarbonate cover allows you to see inside the socket even when it is closed. And what’s more, it is completely modular and can be matched with Scame’s enclosures.

If you think about it, safety with a touch of style is exactly what you need for those potentially unsafe environments described above (and for some household environments too!).


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