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ROLLER330 Series
Cable reels (ø330) 20-30-40m


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The ROLLER Series of cable reels is designed for use with mobile or portable appliances and comes complete with plug, supply cable and socket already attached.



For domestic applications
(IEC 1242 - EN 61242 standard):

Cable PVC - IP20 - with thermal overload switch

  • With 2 domestic socket outlets
  • With 2 domestic socket outlets and appliance inlet
  • With 4 domestic socket outlets


For industrial applications
(IEC 1316):

Rubber cable - IP44/55 - with thermal overload swich

  • with 2 industrial socket outlets and 1 domestic socket outlet
  • with 2 industrial socket outlets
  • with 1 interlocked switch socket outlet
  • with 1 socket outlet and stand for BLOCK4 Series assembly


Available lengths : 20m, 30m o 40m

Shows: cable clamp, terminal strip, thermal overload switch, contactor, isolating protection pivot and elastic hook. Scame



The versions with a PVC cable are for domestic applications, where the work is indoors away from water and not particularly heavy work (for example laundries, photographic studios, plant nurseries, do-it-yourself, fashion, and service industries in general)

The versions with an abrasion resistant rubber cable are designed to be used in situation where the work environment can be hazardous because of water, dust, knocks, vibrations or wear and tear (for example building sites, demolition sites, joinery, carpentry and heavy work sites in general).

Scame The version with the interlocked switch socket outlets is wellsuited for use in public entertainment venues.



Made of self-extinguishing engineering plastic, they have a high mechanical resistance and come in RAL 7035 gray. ROLLER 300 Series cable reels are well suited for use in workshops, industrial, commercial and domestic premises. The various configurations available will satisfy the requirements of most modern installations.

Operating characteristics :

  • operating temperature between -25 to +40°C
  • excellent resistance to weathering
  • high resistance to UV rays


Self-extinguishing properties :

  • IEC 695-2-1 (Glow-Wire Test): 650°C


Protection degree

  • IP20 - IP44 - IP55



  • abrasion resistant rubber H07RN-F with rated voltage
  • H05VV-F (PVC) with rated voltage





1 - Portable cable reel and distribution assembly stands
Manufactured from zinc plated steel tube with ergonomic grip in isolating material and elastic hook to block the reel.The distribution assembly stand has provision for press-on mounting of BLOCK 4 distribution assembly.

2 - Drum Æ 330 mm
Made of engineering plastic with an integral cable rewind knob.
The inlet of the cable inside the drunm passes through a cable sleeve which protects the internal wiring from any operation of liquid or dust.
AThe components of the electrical system (sockets, cables, and thermal overload switch and contactor if present) are housed within the drum.

3 - Socket holder disc
Differnt sockets discr are available for various socket combinations.
The push button for the thermal overload switch is protected by a transparent cover and it is located on the socket holder disk where the conditions of use are listed. A cable clamp secures the incoming cable at the drum, preventing tensile stress on the cable from causing damage to terminals on the appliances

4 - Plug and sockets
Made of impact resistant, self-extinguishing metertial, they compli with (IEC309,have IMQ approval as well as approval ratings from other European quality mark institutions

5 - Cable
The versions for domestic applications have a PVC (H05VV-F) cable. The industrial versions have an abrasion resistant rubber cable (H07RN-F)

6 - Thermal overload switch (*)
Bimetallic device that is put in direct contact with the supply cable and checks that the operating temperature does not exceed pre-set limits. If there is abnormal over-heating, the overload switch opens the circuit and cuts off the power supply.
Reactivation is only possible manually and if the temperature is below the intervention threshold.

7 - Contactor
Installed in series in the main circuit if three-phase. Controlled by the thermal overload switch.

the therminal overload switch is not an isolator switch,
therefore maintenance operations
should be carried out after the circuit has been disconnected.
The thermal overload swich does not protect the load from overcurrents
(overloading and short circuits).




IEC 61242
Electrical accessories.
Cable reels for household and similar purposes.

IEC 61316
Industrial cable reels.






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